VR180 3D. Four naked girls knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

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We would like to bring to your attention an alternative ending of the infinitely beautiful, bright and sad “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” movie (
Episode 1 recalls how the main character died of an incurable disease while on the seashore, which he was so eager to see. There is no longer any disease in Episode 2 and both heroes are pleasantly shocked by the sight of four naked sea nymphs, slowly escaping deep in the sea.

Do not judge us too harshly, the scenario was invented and implemented in 15 minutes from one take. But this clip prompted us to think about shooting several other famous movie segments that we would prepare for you more carefully and efficiently. Only if you like this video, of course. Moreover, іf you have an idea on which fragment of a famous movie we could shoot a VR-video, write in the comments and we will try to implement it.

Location: Dzharylhach Island, Kherson region.
See virtual tour of this place here: