This is Why Girls Play Team Fortress Too Hot [TF2HOT Shirtless Animation]

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I don’t know what to say here, um. I enjoyed making this for sure =v= Hope you enjoy watching just as well! It’s just a joke about why girls like TF2. I mean just look at all the fan art out there, just admit it ladies. But I tried to make the video silly instead of sexy, I just hope everyone can get a good laugh out of it… I hope… maybe.. anyway ENJOY! [ Click on SHOW MORE for the dance moves and music ]
Music: Thanks to +Fishingwolf8 for finding it

If that link doesn’t work try this:

Dance Moves:
Heavy and Medic – Pop it Don’t Drop it – krunkidile
Sniper -The Sniper Hump
Pyro – Caramelldansen
Spy – based on the “Spy Crab”
Soldier – based on that taunt he makes a L shape hand and says “Maggots!”
Engineer – Gangnam Style – PSY
I wanted to do “pimp demoman” for Demoman but just decided to do this instead XD
Scout was just random also LOL

Steam Group:
Deviant Art: