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A Freedomain listener struggles to break his addiction to dangerous hot women…



I’m a 24 year old male who has temporarily committed to MGTOW until 32 years old.

My question is how do I reconcile a desire for children once I have gained the knowledge that comes from taking “the red pill”? People like Rollo Tomassi, who you’ve interviewed, have shown me the true nature of women which I absolutely cannot stand. With the bias of the court systems and open hypergamy and radical feminism plaguing our society how does a man find a good woman?

Since I’ve forgone relationships I have been far more successful, happier, and educated. The problem is despite maximizing my Sexual Market Value until 32 I don’t think that even then I will have many prospects because all the women I meet I have no long-term desire for.

Thank you for considering my topic for the call-in show and I hope to hear from you.


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