Bonnie McKee – American Girl

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I fell in love in a 7/11 parking lot
Sat on the curb drinking slurpees we mixed with alcohol
We talked about all our dreams and how we would show ’em all (whoa oh oh oh)

I told him I got a plan and I’m gonna dominate
And I don’t need any man to be getting in my way
But if you talk with your hands then we can negotiate (whoa oh oh oh)

I’ll just keep moving my body (yeah,yeah)
I’m always ready to party (yeah,yeah)
No I don’t listen to mommy (yeah,yeah)
And I’ll never say that I’m sorry

I am American girl
Hot blooded and I’m ready to go
I’m loving taking over the world
Hot blooded, all American girl (Whoa oh oh oh )
I was raised by a television
Every day is a competition
Put the key in my ignition (Oh-way-oh)